Weight loss/Food issues

Key Lime Pie

Are you eating right?

Do you feel that food is an addiction?

Is food a comfort to you?

Is food a punishment to you?

Eating is something we all have to do to stay alive, to provide energy for our bodies and minds. Therefore we cannot ignore food. These days it is so readily available – it doesn’t even need preparing.

But we don’t just use food for energy, we tend to use it also as a comfort or even as a punishment or maybe even as a way to control your life.

The amount of guilt that food creates in us is incredible – haven’t you eaten a whole packet of biscuits and then suffered massive guilt afterwards?

The majority of people who have issues with food, do know what they should or shouldn’t eat – they’re not stupid….. but there is a need deep inside. Your stomach is like your emotional brain and it gets needy – very needy at times.

There is also the other side of eating issues – bulimia and anorexia – where there is a really bad relationship with food. This comes from how they’ve programmed their subconscious minds in certain beliefs. These are very strong willed people (even if they don’t know it) – but it is being used against them. I find out why and help them live healthier lives.

Imagine having a good relationship with food.

Imagine being able to have a “stop” button.

Imagine feeling good about yourself for a change.

Get your head in the right place – let’s sort you out…