Public Speaking

Do you panic at the thought of public speaking?


Does your stomach get all knotted up?  Do you think you will forget what to say?  You are not alone.

There are many people who have similar feelings. Some people have learnt to manipulate situations so that they aren’t put in this position.  It’s not only the event itself but the days, weeks and even months sometimes that are spent worrying about standing up in front of people.

The weird statistic is that more people fear public speaking than dying!

I see a growing number of people who have this problem. We have such anxiety about being judged by people and of getting things wrong. Have you had some of these thoughts?

The majority of people that I have treated for this have some sort of incident from the past where maybe they’ve been ridiculed or really embarrassed and it has led to an intense fear of being in the spotlight ever since.


Funnily enough, the subconscious mind is there to protect you and it will come up with these symptoms so that you don’t put yourself in a similar situation again! But this response is not helping you in life. I reprogram this information so that you are in control.


It is possible to overcome these fears, enabling you to become a confident and capable public speaker – you just need a little help……

Imagine actually enjoying having the spotlight on you – yes this is possible!

Time to be heard and get help…

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