Young Woman Contemplating

Ever suffered from guilt?

Do you blame yourself for everything?

For the emotion of guilt to be deserved the following criteria have to have been met:

  • For guilt to be justified or genuine or deserved, some sort of effect has to be caused.

  • Something bad or wrong is done, some sort of harm or upset or damage is caused to someone or to something.

  • Maybe something that was said or something that should have been said, maybe some action that was omitted or neglected to be done.

But, because it is not sufficient for guilt to be justified, the second condition also has to be met:

- and that is that whatever that effect was – whatever wrong or bad thing, whatever harm or hurt or damage or discomfort or upset – whatever that ill effect was – that it was caused deliberately and intentionally.

  • That the effect was planned and decided upon before being carried out.

  • That it was a premeditated decision to do that wrong or cause that harm.


That planned, premeditated, deliberate decision, the intention to cause that effect is also necessary for guilt to be deserved, isn’t that so?

Are you really to blame?

Let’s sort this mentality out…