Case Study


Dave (not his real name – I will call him that for privacy’s sake) had huge anxiety.

I had treated him before for all the negativity that he had about himself and to loosen up the way he dealt with people – he had felt so much happier and lighter, but suddenly he felt the same feelings descend on him again and it was affecting him so much that he had to take time off work.

He had taken time off work before and had felt so much better and had enjoyed just being away from work; doing the things he would like to do; having time to do them.

Too technical to cope with

When he had originally started working for this company he was in his comfort zone and able to feel that he was achieving, it was a technical company and he is a creative person but at that time it didn’t hinder him.

But, over the years the position that he held was becoming more and more technical and he was feeling incompetent as he felt not able to do his very best.

The Company had not complained about his work and didn’t feel it was a problem for them, but he did. He felt that he was overpaid for what he was doing and even felt that he was a free-loader, even though he worked hard!

A family company

You need a little bit of background here – Dave idolised his father, his father had worked hard and done well, he was very competent, a good father and husband. Dave felt that he should be just the same, but you see he wasn’t the same as his father, his father was a very technical person and not at all creative whereas Dave was the opposite.

Dave had gone into a “technical business”, in a way following what his father had done before him, but he was feeling less and less adequate at the job that he was relatively competent in at first – he was getting way out of his depth.

Also, there was so little time to do any creative things that he absolutely loved doing, like painting.  Even when he did get the time to do this passion he felt guilty about not spending time with his wife – so he couldn’t even truly enjoy what he loved doing.

Wake up to the subconscious

Now I believe that your subconscious knows the true “you” – what makes you tick, what you enjoy the most etc. and it also knows what will make you “sit up and think”. Anxiety was a wake up call in Dave’s case – he needed to start living the life he was supposed to be living, doing things that enthuse him.

To some people, working in an office and being involved in the Company that they work for is something they truly enjoy and gain from – but not Dave. The trouble is he blocked himself for so long it had become something normal for him to do.  This was his “kick up the backside” to change.

So, in order to allow him to make this change in his life we had to change his “blueprint” about how his life “should” be.  That he can do something creative and be allowed to enjoy it, that his father was different from him but that was OK.

What I did for Dave

(I advised him that he could go back to work knowing and getting paid whilst he started to plan a new way for him to live, a new direction – he could take his time but know that eventually he will be able to live in his true comfort zone – a creative one and then he will have peace deep inside.)

But after this session where we changed his blueprint he actually put in his resignation and started to commit to himself, he had his wife’s full support and was truly excited about the unknown path he was about to take but absolutely knowing it was right for him.  There was no anxiety just utter excitement when I saw him again.