Man in Grey Hoodie

Do you find people just wind you up?

Are you reacting out of character at times?  Do you outwardly express your anger?

By expressing anger outwardly to people it can create difficult relationships with them. It is good to express yourself but it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t leave you looking more foolish afterwards – leading to feelings of guilt or even shame.

When you are able to get your views across in a more controlled way it gives you more power in the end.


Do you internalise your anger?

By keeping everything inside it just builds and builds up until sometimes there is an explosion or it can create even physical issues within your body.

A lot of the time the very people that you have anger towards probably don’t even know it, the only person who is getting affected – is you!

By feeling anger you are giving your power away!

You are allowing people or situations to have a detrimental effect on you. Life is a journey and there will be people or situations that can make you react.

I find out why you are reacting so excessively and give you the power back, allowing for a better way of dealing with the issues to come through.

I always work on the whole person – discovering where they are out of balance and putting it right.

If you are too rigid in your thoughts it means that life can affect you in a deeper way. We need to be more flexible – this allows you to take more control in a natural way.

Anger is not good for you – it is acidic, it affects not only the mind but your body…. Causing “dis-ease”.

By putting your mind straight – you put your health straight.

Don’t just live with it – do something now…