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AnneMarie Smellie

Hi, I’m AnneMarie Smellie.

I have now been treating people for anxiety, and many other very varied issues, for over 15 years.  I have found that, by accessing the subconscious mind, I can detect what information has set up the problem or problems in the first place.  This is about correcting the information – this does not mean that I “change” the person, I just put them back into balance so they are the best of themselves.

I was always interested in the MIND and having experienced hypnotherapy myself I knew the power it held – not only to sort out the past affects in ourselves, but also how to train it to work for you in an amazingly powerful way.

I started studying at the Therapy Training College in Birmingham and qualified in 2004 as a Curative Hypnotherapist – and have never looked back.

I now have clients who come for treatment from all over the UK. I am proud that I am now considered an expert in hypnotherapy in the UK.

I am also a trained Neuroplastician - working on children and adults with learning, behavioural and emotional/physical difficulties.  Please visit Quester Global for further information.



“I have suffered with Anxiety for as long as I can remember, and now I feel entirely different, things just don’t seem to upset or be fearful for me any longer – it’s like being able to breathe properly for the very first time.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.”  L.B. 2019

Public Speaking 

"For such a long time, I have been hiding my fear of public speaking from my company and manipulating ways to avoid being in front of people.  Not since I saw AnneMarie, I am actually enjoying the whole process now and feel in control of my emotions.   F.B. 2019

Lack of Confidence 

“Thank you so much for all your help, my son is now like a different person, in control and loving life – what a difference!”  C.T.  2018